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Thread: TOPIX: branded sound sys (L3) = meridian?

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    TOPIX options on my car ...

    My car is coming to the dealer, finally, it will be delivered 9th of may.

    Now I registered to topix and gave in the VIN number they gave me. So I can take a look at the options.

    I've ordered the car with the meridian sound system, but I can't find it in the list. There is only BRANDED SOUND SYS (L3), is this the same?

    And why is this in the list? BULGARIAN LITERATURE PACK
    and wtf is ... CASTLE BROMWICH

    There is also: FORWARD FACING CAMERA, but I didn't order that, only the rear view one.
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    Just checked my vehicle on TOPIX which has the meridian sound system and under the vehicle summary it shows exactly what you quoted, BRANDED SOUND SYS (L3).
    So I'd say yes, you have the sound system you ordered.

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    Castle Bromwich is the plant where the car was made. Quality seems to have improved since the XE line was moved there.

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