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Thread: Door rattle cured

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    Door rattle cured

    An annoying slight rattle from inside drivers door.

    Removed inner trim using tool bought on eBay after checking out instructions on line. Only tricky bit removing tweeter mount. Pull off all tweeter mount fixings directly into the car keeping mount parallel to original position to avoid breaking lower plastic hook fixing.

    Nothing obviously rattling at first. Then checked out electric socket at Lower rear of door which attaches wiring on back of removed trim panel to wiring loom on metal panel now visible. This socket is mounted on plug fixing into metal panel where there was just enough movement to make a sound when I pushed and pulled on it. Additionally Secured the socket with some gaffer tape. Not surprising that this socket mount gets slightly damaged because apart from the door handle wire it is all that remains to attach the door trim and all its weight when trim is taken off and can easily end up getting pulled/ strained. All back together and rattle gone.Hurrah! Agonised for days about whether I wanted to start trying to pull trim panels off but so worth it in the end. Hope this helps someone.
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    Thanks for that. I have something sort of similar coming from my passenger door I think, I'll have a look at that based on this.

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