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Thread: Instructions on Parking Brake Adjustment?

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    OK, so I learned that to really do this job correctly, I had to remove the driver's seat. I have a thread on this that you can review if you like.

    As I have learned, there are about 20 places in this "Handbrake System" where there can be excessive slack / play that can affect the gripping power of the handbrake.

    I have been through the whole system now, and found that all my cables move smoothly, my adjusters are free, and my pads are good.

    So finally, I went through the system, and took the slop out of the system by:

    1) More precise adjustment of the brakes at the hubs
    2) Removal of slack in the cable with the adjuster nuts on the cable housing

    The second item on the list (pulling out the slack) was the key. This is where you are really able to make a difference.

    Note that to have access to this area, you need to remove the seat belt retaining bar. This required a Torx-45 bit to remove the bolt - the bar then easily pulls up and out of the way.

    It is nice to have this project behind me. It turns out that in my case it was really primarily an adjustment problem.

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