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Thread: Ignition key direction

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    Ignition key direction

    Hello all,
    On the Jag Mark 2 my ignition switch is sort of sideways and it looks like its easy enough to turn it to its upright position. But which is that? Is the key slot at the top of the ignition barrel (meaning the jagged part of the key faces down), or at the bottom of the ignition barrel ( meaning the jagged part of the key faces up)?

    I am used to inserting a key with the jagged edge facing up. Is that right?



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    Hello John,

    yes I would say that is right, it most certainly should not be sideways. Ideally you need a special tool to adjust the bezel but care with a good fitting flat screwdriver will do teh trick.

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    My ign switch is vertical. The key is inserted serated side up then turned clockwise to switch on.
    I would say it’s just a matter of loosening the bezel or perhaps there is a retaining nut on the back, then turning the barrel to the correct plane.
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