Looking for a but of advive...

I have an 04 X-type 2.5 petrol v6. It's done about 80k, and seens to have been looked after ok. A couple of bumps, but overall, I loved it.

It started going wrong, unfortunately, and I've SORNed it. Garage said it had 2 leaks in the rear brake pipes, lamda (?) Sensor problem, and needed 2 plugs and a coil.

I was going to get it fixed, as I loved driving it, but I now work away sometimes, and it its not the most economic, so i got a boring car.

My question is: what do i do with it? I can get 140-ish from the jag "recycling" thing, and I don't have the ability to break it up sell it bit by bit.

Any advice gratefully received, cheers.