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Thread: ECO mode, usefull or not?

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    ECO mode, usefull or not?

    So last weekend I did a trip with the family with the XE 20t ... flat roads in The Netherlands

    Trip on sunday
    • AVG speed: 112km/h or 70mph
    • Distance: 243 km or 150 miles
    • AVG consumption 7.6 l/100km or 37mpg

    --> ECO-mode on, no traffic jams, cruise control on at 75mph, airco off !!

    Trip on monday

    • AVG speed: 102km/h or 63mph
    • Distance: 275 km or 170 miles
    • AVG consumption 6.8 l/100km or 42mpg

    --> normal mode on, 2-3 traffic jams for in total 25minutes, almost no cruise control, sometimes up to 150km/h or 100mph, airco on

    So ... why is ECO mode ECO mode? It uses more fuel it's no fun to drive, ... I don't get it. I even had some traffic jams and had higher speeds and my average consumption is less??

    What I did notice was that in ECO mode was that with the cruise ontrol on at 120km/h or 75mph the real time AVG consumption was constantly switching between +- 5,5 l/100km and 7,5 l/100km in normal mode it did not.
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    Eco mode just makes throttle changes so the power is more gradual, using less power from the engine, along with lower rpm gear changes. It’s not a less consumption mode.

    I only ever ever use normal or dynamic mode myself.
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    Once you get above 60mph .... aerodynamics and wind resistance start taking real effect
    It takes more power to get to and maintain a higher speed as a logarithmic function rather than a straight line
    ie. you need more power and fuel per one mph increase at higher speeds than you need at lower speeds

    The key is in your AVE 70mph against 63 mph - especially those periods at 75mph and cruise control uses more fuel I reckon as it races to get to set speed when you hit resume

    I found that the mpg difference between the same distance (same road and traffic conditions) was quite marked between 70mph and 80mph

    Hence the optimal speed as defined in the American restrictions many years ago was 55mph
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