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Thread: Car issues escalated to CRC team due to dealer issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimC64 View Post
    As far as the CRC team go?
    In all honesty, I've had several phone calls back n forth from them, they've been in touch with the dealer on my behalf helping to drive things forward etc and have no complaints
    Glad you are sorted and glad to hear that the CRC team do what it says on the box. They got a hard time here when they first joined, and unfairly so in the main.
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    Just had a final call from the CRC this morning to check everything was A ok and happy to close this complaint down?

    I stated that as far as I can reasonably tell at the moment, everything is fine, seems so much better. That said I'd like another few days, week or so to drive the car in different conditions / roads / temps etc and to check from there, any issues and I'll come back.

    In the meantime, yes by all means close the complaint down, it'll still be on record
    Finally thanked them for their assistance in helping to drive this forward to a resolution and for generally keeping tabs on the car as it went through its repair etc.

    All good
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