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Thread: 0 to 60 list of all Jaguars

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    0 to 60 list of all Jaguars

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    1/4 mile has always been a better real world indicator of performance, but rarely quoted by manufacturers. Two random examples to show how misleading 0-60 times can be:
    SVT Boss Mustang 10.0 L Concept 1.9s and 10.8
    2001 Corvette CS-R 3.4s and 10.2

    Mustang apparently nearly twice as fast to 60mph but the Corvette will arrive earlier to a destination 1/4 mile away.

    Often surprised how big a difference there is between a lot of 0-60 versus 0-62 times. Guess there must be a gear change at 61mph! Would have thought manufacturers would tweak the gearing to ensure 62mph in (usually) second gear.

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