I would like to use a X300 supercharged engine in a Unimog 404
The original Mercedes is a very old engine and there is not a lot to do with it to have some more hp ,there are some working V8 swaps on the web but there is really not a lot of place for the engine ,so i would like to use a straight six .
The Jaguar engine seems to be the best choice but I've a lot of difficult to find info about it (also the Ford Barra engine seems to be a wonderfull straight six but it is impossible to find in Europe)
wiring schematics and workshop manuals seems to be impossible to find !
I've searched for aftermarkets pistons and con rods but I've found nothing , I would like to rebuilt it to have a fresh engine with better parts if it's possible.
the only aftermarkets parts I've found are the exhaust headers

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Emanuel