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Thread: Parking aid not working

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    Parking aid not working

    I have a 2001 V8 S-Type with rear parking sensors. Everything was working fine until recently, but not any more. Now when I put the car into reverse, there is no sound from the beeper. The red LED in the parking aid switch (overhead console) is on and cannot be turned off by the switch. All sensors do emit clicking sounds as they should.

    When I turn the ignition on without shifting to R, I can turn the red indicator in the switch on and off by pressing the switch. It puzzles me quite a bit - if the control unit detected a failure and indicated it with red light, I would expect it to shut down the sensors.

    Any ideas to try?

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    There seems to be all sorts of problems with these. Sometimes it is a sensor, sometimes the controller in the boot, especially if it gets wet and I have the feeling that the switch can also get damp and play up. Other simple things to check are that the sensors are clean with no dirt, polish etc in the grooves.
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    if you are not getting any noise from the beeper it could be the speaker.

    speakers do fail on these. I good one should be 50 Ohms.

    Speakers are the same as ford focus, transit from memory
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