I am new to cars with injectors, all ways had carbs. So if I am wrong, correct me please.
You can put the newer ecu in a old car with pre HE engine if you change some stuff and make it run. The opposite should also work. In my car I think they have put all stuff from an pre engine on the HE engine. But as I can see the injectors are different. Pre engine use about 400cc injectors and HE about 200cc. I have 73143A/280 150 023 injectors on the engine. Injector timing is ms. That should make the HE run rich as it is build for less fuel So can I put HE injectors in it?.
The injectors are low ohm. Newer injectors are high ohm. But build a new amp for the injectors and make it 12V can be done. Does newer injectors fit physical And how calculate the size of the new injectors? HE oem is 280 150 163/164