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Thread: ECU broken ? or not...

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    ECU broken ? or not...

    Hi , need some urgent help!

    My xj6 3,2 1991 doesent start, the fuel pump relay is not energized on the coil from ECM. Wiring checked.
    Is this defenitely a broken ECM or would it be the same result if crank position sensor is broken?

    Engine cranks
    Fuel pump is running when relay is forced
    No fault codes
    No spark
    Inertia switch ok

    ECM part nr is DBC6472 , if you have one to sell im interested to buy one.

    Best regards/willep

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    Hi Willep, Welcome to the forum.

    What code reader are you using. If it was an ECU fault then you would have a code of some sort or a failure to read ECM. It looks like a security immobilizer problem rather than an ECU fault.
    As the engine turns over it eliminates the Inertia switch.
    Crank sensor would not stop the fuel pump or spark. But would have a code as well.

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    Has anybody recently deleted the codes or has this just appeared out of the blue?
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