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Thread: In Control Touch Pro is rubbish, agreed?

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    Mine easily takes less than an hour to download and about 15-20 minutes to install it into the car with a USB 3.0 64GB Sandisk stick. Maybe check to see if it’s USB 3.0 and go from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithLyall View Post
    30 hours seems an awfully long time. Even on the oldest PC in the house with USB 2.0 ports it only takes me 3 hours to download the Europe & Russia map, and if I remember right it took less than an hour on the wife's posh laptop with USB 3.0. You said you were downloading 'maps' - how many exactly?
    I doubt it’s my computer, it’s a 2yo iMac running the latest Mojave OS. We m have a poor broadband out here, about 4mbps tops so I guess it’s that, though it’s fast enough to stream movies in HD.

    A new 64Gb USB3 data stick that I want to put the Europe and Russia maps on.

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