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Thread: In Control Touch Pro is rubbish, agreed?

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    Mine easily takes less than an hour to download and about 15-20 minutes to install it into the car with a USB 3.0 64GB Sandisk stick. Maybe check to see if it’s USB 3.0 and go from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithLyall View Post
    30 hours seems an awfully long time. Even on the oldest PC in the house with USB 2.0 ports it only takes me 3 hours to download the Europe & Russia map, and if I remember right it took less than an hour on the wife's posh laptop with USB 3.0. You said you were downloading 'maps' - how many exactly?
    I doubt it’s my computer, it’s a 2yo iMac running the latest Mojave OS. We m have a poor broadband out here, about 4mbps tops so I guess it’s that, though it’s fast enough to stream movies in HD.

    A new 64Gb USB3 data stick that I want to put the Europe and Russia maps on.

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    Hi, I am going to try and get the touch pro updated to support Apple Carplay at the dealer (18C update). Then you should just be able to ask Siri for Nav or use Google maps if you prefer. Let's see how that goes (sounds good in theory)!

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    My local dealer had my car for a few minor issues that were discussed at point of sale. As mentioned before, i informed them of the DAB reception being lost occasionally. The workshop manager later informed me that the car had been out for a road test and nothing unusual was found with the DAB reception. (I'd asked them to updated the system so i could use apple car play too) While on the phone i checked my tracker app to find the car hadn't moved at all, so the road test was the guy just sat in my car. I express my displeasure, and later that day my car did go on a 20 min drive. But still nothing found. I lost hope and just asked for my car back.
    I still have loss of DAB reception, i know its not a geographical as my wife sometimes does the same school run route, and I've put the same radio station on, with no loss of reception, so it seem a Ford Kuga has better DAB radio. I'd love the system to be updated to use apple car play, i don't know why they wont just update it. I have the original 2016 version installed. I'll wait for them to contact me for its annual service, and explain they wont be seeing my car again
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