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Thread: In Control Touch Pro is rubbish, agreed?

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    It has voice rec for the Nav but it is a little patchy, like all systems IME. “Navigate home” works well as do places with distinct, simple names. Others not so good but it often presents a list which does have what you want.

    Having said that, it’s almost as quick to key in the destination and better still use the route app on your phone to presend.

    I had issues with the Route app in the early days but it’s been fine for a while now. The other apps all seem to work well.

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    Touch Pro now great with 18D update - Apple CarPlay and Android support : )

    I wanted an F-Pace with tech too. I found a rare 16 plate F-Pace with a touch pro and USB in the central Arm rest so it could be upgraded to Apple Carplay. Now with the 18D update I get the Apple support and future Over the air updates. Siri works well from steering wheel "Navigate to X" or "Play BandX". It's a great user experience.
    New model will come with Apple/Android support as standard so should be great from day 1. Enjoy

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    Hi guys I joined this forum specifically to find out about this. Thinking of buying a brand new F Pace (massive outlay for me, first new car I'll have ever bought) and one of the big reasons for me is the (alleged) tech.

    So I was very disheartened to come across so many negative comments on youtube videos (admittedly a year old).

    I was hoping to be reassured on this forum that these issues are all pre-update niggles and that now everything is ok. Reading this thread I'm getting mixed messages and not sure what to believe.

    Does it work well now (if I was to buy a new car now I mean) or is it still buggy and useless?

    If it's buggy I'll sadly look elsewhere.

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