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Thread: E-TYPE Air Conditioner Controller

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    E-TYPE Air Conditioner Controller

    Hello Fellow E-Type Owners,

    I am restoring a 69 2+2 that I got from my father when he passed away. Almost done. Was working on the factory air conditioner and decided to take the control apart to make sure I understood how it worked and map out the function. Turns out there is a set of points in there. When trying to clean the points I put a small screwdriver in there to separate them and hit something that caused the assembly to come apart. There are only 2 parts in there that make the points function; an omega spring (flat piece of metal bent into an omega shape for those who are unaware. I didn't know that's what they were called until I got into this.) and a brass bar about 1/2" long with a fork at each end. The fork is slightly curved at one end but straight at the other. There is a diaphragm at the bottom of the assembly with the temperature sensor (capillary) coming out the bottom. The switch is activated by turning a cam that is attached to a spring loaded mechanism which is in contact with the top of the diaphragm. The points are open or closed based on the cam position and the temperature inside the evaporator. When more cold air is desired, the switch/cam dial is rotated and the points go from open to closed based on the temperature in the evaporator sensed by the capillary. When the points close, the compressor to operate until the temperature is such that the points open again. A separate control operates the interior fan to blow cabin air across the evaporator. The unit does not use outside air.

    Anyway, after several attempts I think I have it back together again. The controller is a Ranco A10-1367-1. Remarkably enough the Ranco company still exists as Robertshaw company. I have been in contact with them and asked for a drawing, operating instructions, manual, anything that would help me understand the assembly and operation of this controller. They have been looking for about 1 1/2 weeks now with no results. The reason I want this information is 2 fold. One, I would like to know if I have assembled this thing correctly and two, how to calibrate it for best operation. There is a screw on the top of the controller that is rotated for colder or warmer settings. Would be nice to know what the factory setting is and how sensitive it is to rotation in either direction. Alas I tried to be careful but am not sure I preserved what was there before.

    I have tried the local air conditioning shops and the few Jag experts I know to no avail. Also this part is not available new from any of the suppliers I normally use (names available but not sure of the rules for posting such) and I haven't seen one used on ebay or anywhere either. Hoping someone out there who took theirs apart but unlike me was smart enough to thoroughly document the process and figure out the mechanism can provide some insight. I have included a few pictures hoping they will help to illustrate my comments above. Thanks in advance for any support.

    Akron OH
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