I've been watching Jerry Seinfeld's show on Netflix, "Comedians in cars getting coffee". In each episode he takes a different classic car for a drive with a comedian in board (and in one episode, Barack Obama, who is also pretty funny ). It's a brilliant series, some of the comedians are funnier than others, but the cars chosen by Seinfeld are the most spectacular you've ever seen, Seinfeld knows his cars. One episode has a Mk 2 Jag in green. It looks spectacular, much nicer than in the photo in the link below. Can anyone confirm for me what colour it is? It may be the light, but the car looks different to any UK colour I've seen. https://triblive.com/news/westmoreland/6391128-74/seinfeld-drab-jaguar

I recommend Netflix, by the way. We ditched Sky because of the ridiculous cost and poor quality programmes, but Netflix, at a tenner a month was worth it for this series (actually multiple series) alone, let alone all the films etc.