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Thread: Buying a Jag X Type Estate for my brother, advice needed

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    Buying a Jag X Type Estate for my brother, advice needed

    Hi Guys

    My brothers current 2006 Ford Mondeo Titanium X 2.2 Diesel Estate has given up at 155k, too many issues and not worth fixing, he wants another Estate and has a budget of £3500, I suggested the Jag X Type 2.0 or 2.2 Diesel, anything to look out for when buying, obviously gonna be more comfy inside being a Jag? Quieter cabin low road noise on motorways? We can only seem to find Jags on his budget from 2006 to 2009 onwards with 85k + on the clock but they all have full service history, he only runs his car on BP Ultimate or Shell V Power nitro diesel, not that that’s helped with his Mondeo, he’s had EGR issues and turbo problems, don’t want him making yet another mistake with getting a Jag or he may even get a Volvo V50 or V70 with the 2.4 D5 engine, but he really like the Jag lol! Any advice would help us out, thanks

    Wayne in Swindon

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    Hi Wayne.

    Basically, the Jag has the same engine as the Mondeo so Turbo and EGR problems are just as common. However, as well as good fuel, a few additives on occasion, regular servicing and occasional 'enthusiastic' drives can keep these engines running pretty trouble free. There are members on here with intergalactic milage on their diesel X types.
    The 2.2 is a better variant with more power and the extra 6th gear makes for longer legs. Its quieter too. That is not to say that the 2.0 is a bad car (i have had both and love them both - just prefer the 2.2)
    Earlier models (pre 2004) are prone to sill rot (post 2004 - not as much) and facelift models even less so. Facelift models while having nicer interiors also have the demon of the DPF filter which presents its own issues. Clutch judder indicates possible clutch and DMF failure. These (realistically) are about the biggest common problems and expenses.
    Go for the highest spec one you can - Soverign has all the toys and ignore what the dealer/log book says it is... look for Alpine badges on the speaker grills, Half wood steering wheel etc (do research on spotting a genuine soverign)
    Although some other 'lesser spec' models have decent toys too and can have other advantages like sports suspension. (My Sports premium is adequately loaded and many toys can also be retro fitted)

    Remember though, whatever model you buy will be at least 10 years old now!! Old cars do not come without some issues but there are plenty of good forum members on here to help and advise.

    Good luck.
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    My recollection is the facelift 2.2d manual had a dpf as optional, the auto was mandatory. it could be very economical, I had 70mpg on occasions just cruising at 50mph.

    I had a 2009 2.2 manual sovereign estate, lovely car but then I got an offer on an XF and it was game over.
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