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Thread: XF(X260) Navigation Map Update

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    XF(X260) Navigation Map Update

    The latest map update for my InControl Touch navigation is dated Quarter 3, 2016 which is almost 2 years out of date.
    Jaguar say that map updates will be provided at varying intervals from 18 months onwards.

    The GPS navigation by Sygic on my Apple I Phone is much more frequent.

    Am I unusual in expecting something more frequent than 18 months from a premium brand like Jaguar?

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    Have you tried to see if an update is available by going to the incontrol touch maps download page? You’ll need your SD card to find out.

    The incontrol touch pro has updates every 30 days, free for the life of the warranty.
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    Ian, could you spell out in simple terms how that works?

    I've found at least two Jaguar sites from which map updates appear to be available. One is incompatible with my Mac. The other seems to work to a certain stage but then freezes on a dialogue window which tells me to insert a data stick, which is already inserted. It has a refresh button but that doesn't do anything.

    What is it about Jaguar that there rarely any detailed information, just bland statements that imply an easy process that often just doesn't work? Maybe its OK if you're a tech whiz but I'll bet many just give up on it. I know I'm close to that stage.

    As it happens, the Route planner app that just wouldn't work for me has now started to work, after contacting Jaguar CS and being simply referred to my dealer who hadn't a clue either. Maybe some improvements have been made to the app but not acknowledged?

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