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Thread: XF or not XF?

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    I replaced my 07 S-Type 2.7D SE with a 14 Reg XF 3.0D Premium Luxury a couple of months ago. Once I came out of mourning (S-Type written off by next-door neighbour up the hill forgetting to apply his handbrake...) the XF is a revelation in every way. Haven't tried a 2.2D so can't comment. Only advice - think about trim level and what wheel size you get with it. Luxury has 17 inch wheels and 50 section tyres - but a rather ropey stereo. Premium Luxury has 18 inch wheels with 45 section tyres. Portfolio, with lots more electric gizmos to go wrong later, has 19 inch wheels and 40 section tyres - not so good on bad roads and easier to kerb the alloys. I think the 275bhp S has 20 inch wheels and 35 section tyres - ridiculous in my view unless you're up for track days. (Yes, I bought a Premium Luxury - Sportbrake - even better.) Also, not sure which models if any have a spare wheel rather than the useless can of gunk which ruins a tyre even if it works - maybe a factory option?

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    Hi everyone,
    Being new to the Forum, i am sure this post will be entertaining.
    I took ownership of a XF 2.2 S with 25000 (13reg) on the clock with full comprehensive Jaguar Service History in April 19, and sadly moved on my 55plate Xtype with original 74000 miles, The XF has been an amazing experience since I took ownership, the MPG from the south of England to the very top of Scotland (John O Groats where I used to abide) was a one stop fuel input for the journey, in comfort.
    Last Wednesday 09/10/19 on my way out, all of a sudden the Red Triangle appeared with a notification that advised me it went reduced performance, being just 5 mins away from a Jag garage/showroom they advised me to drop the car into them so as they can do a fault diagnosis, eventually coming back to me it was the Turbo, after receiving a video reply telling me it was the Turbo Actuator Arm sticking I had no other option as I needed the car pronto, I gave the go ahead, £2500+???
    After searching for anyone who had the same problem it soon came to light many others had sourced the Actuator, when I tackled Jaguar and asked why this couldn't be done to my XF Turbo I was informed they HAD to replace the the lot?? Moving on, I contacted my rescue company and 1 other who where kind enough to look at the Turbo taken out of my XF, on contacting Jaguar, I was emailed saying I couldn't have the Turbo and if I did take it they required (£450+vat), why should I have to pay Jaguar for something I OWN, surely it is MY property and they should be asking me if they want to take it??
    I have been a Jag person for years I feel I am being "Ripped off" after all these years, sadly I put up for sale, My Mk1 and Mk2 (the MK2 was about 98% ready to run) and will dis-associate my long term allegiance with them, both vehicles where snapped up nearly overnight and went the next day.
    Some may say I spat my dummy out, but I feel so aggrieved at the way I have been mis informed.
    Regards to all and thanks for allowing me to "Vent" off.

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