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Thread: Jaguar newbie-few questions

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    Jaguar newbie-few questions

    Hi Everyone,
    I just got a new Fpace on Tuesday (20d Prestige). For the life of me, I can't figure out how to view miles per gallon or miles until empty (I bought out of state and had it delivered, so didn't get the introduction from the dealer). I haven't read the entire book yet, but I feel like i have pushed every button. Surely it has this feature?

    Also, does anyone know if you can get a package added after the fact? I thought I was getting the Driver assistance pkg (360 camera, adaptive CC, lane departure warning), but didn't. Just curious if it could be added. Thanks everyone.

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    Press the button on the end of the indicator stalk and it should scroll through the MPG etc in the bottom right of the centre instrument screen (assuming standard instrument pack), there is also an option to change the centre instrument screen panel to show such info via the display menu option on the steering wheel controls.

    Adding items is tricky, the Body Control Module (BCM) has a Car Config File (CCF) which the systems use to determine the fitted options, this gets written to factory default every time the software is updated at a dealer, adding the features you mention would require a fair amount of wiring for the cameras, wing mirror changes, grill mounted radar unit (lane departure warning is standard in most countries, is it turned on....button next to the boot open switch to the lower left of the steering wheel) and of course modification of the CCF.

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