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Thread: Jaguar Mk2/S Type bonnet hinge modification

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    Jaguar Mk2/S Type bonnet hinge modification

    Several years ago when I was rebuilding my S Type I remember seeing an article on a guy who had modified his bonnet hinges on a MK2 so when he opened the bonnet it lifted in to an almost vertical position. I cannot find information of this now so is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction please. Getting tired of having to remove my bonnet everytime I want to work on something at the rear of the engine.
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    Hello Cass,

    my memory is a little hazy (my car is not easily accessed to recheck) but I remember a sort of parallelogram linkage for the hinge. If the front pin on each side were removed and an removeable pin inserted in it's place it should then allow the bonnet to go to a near vertical position. Obviously some sort of prop will also be needed.
    I'm uncertain if it is feasible or not but it's worth looking at?

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