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Thread: steering wobble when braking

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    Hi all, a bit late to this thread as I'm not on here too often. I have this vibration when braking internittently, and also on my other vehicle (non Jag with normal coil suspension).

    My XJR has brand new wheel and rubber with new wishbones, the only other thing is the hubs...but they are silent.

    Therefore it might not be the whole story but I'm convinced some of the wobble has to do with how I drive (ie gently with minimal brake inputs) and modern braking compounds. With my other car when this happens I take it for an "Italian Tune-up" late in the evening on deserted roads, remove all loose objects in the car and do repreated high speed braking applications to rest until the brakes are smoking. This generally has the desired result and cured my XJR as well the other day, at least temporarily.

    I'm sure it will return, but I have the feeling driving like Miss Daisy leaves pad deposits unburnt which over time start to catch the barely retracted pad. I like a smooth drive with unruffled passenegers but maybe they need a rollercoaster ride every once in a while!

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    Been there, done that. I had exactly the same problem on my STR. Turned out to be a bent hub!
    Lift the front wheels and spin them. If you hear a shhhhh shhhhh shhhh from the pads touching the disc every revolution of the wheel, you have a bent hub. If the shhhhhhhhh is constant, all is well.
    I changed everything, including the discs and wheels before finding it which was AFTER fitting new discs which became damaged by the bent hub so I had to fit another new disc!

    The full story!
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