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Thread: Leaper on rear XF

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    Leaper on rear XF

    Hello !
    I just bought an XF 2013 Luxe Premium.
    But it misses every badges on the rear (XF letters and Jaguar leaping).
    I have seen many cheap offers on eBay and AliExpress but with different sizes.
    Could someone measures the leaping Jaguar (and eventually the XF letters)?
    Do you know if the leaping Jaguar is the same for every XF (1 and 2) ? Maybe it has evolved through time.
    Many thanks !

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    I've a 2014 Sportbrake but I think the rear leaper is the same. It is 160mm length from nose to tail. Not sure about the XF - I don't have one either. To align the rear leaper my measurements are: from top of the "J" to the open jaw - 40mm, and from the top of the post on the "R" to the tail tip - 6mm. Happy hunting!

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    Many thanks for this detailed information!
    I have already bought the leaper (160mm) and placed it on the trunk but now thanks to you I can measure to verify if I put it right


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