Hi Gentlemen:

I am new to this post and would like someone to help me diagnose a problem before I spend $$$ on my Jag. This is a 2001 XJ8 who was sitting for many years, once in a while I would start it and move it around. Suddenly the battery dies and had to jump start it. At this point I noticed lack of power and the "permance" light came on. when it warmed up i tried to drive it and it has a horrible missfire above 3000 RPM. Could this just be tune up? When I place the OBDII its not telling anything besides that it has performance problems.

FYI, it has new gas and besides the notmal coolant leak it has always suffered from, everything else looks ok.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I inherited this XJ from my father and would like to get it up and running.