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Thread: XJS 4.0 AJ16 Manual Coversion

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    XJS 4.0 AJ16 Manual Coversion

    Hello Guys,
    Has anyone of you converted an XJS 4.0 Auto to manual? What gearbox, pedalbox etc have you used. And what kind of costs am i facing?

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    Nope - only a V12 using getrag 265 and pedal box from a distressed 3.6, some conversion parts ( flywheel, gearbox mount, adaptor plate, revised propshalf), and an ecu modification. Cost - anything between £4k - £12k depending on how much of the project you can complete yourself , cost/availability of the donor car parts, and who you use to perform the conversion otherwise.

    Jaguar did offer the AJ6 / AJ16 with manual transmission so certainly possible. Although unless you plan to perform the project yourself it may be more cost effective to buy one of these manual cars. There is one on eBay (UK) for sale currently (might be AJ6 variant). AJ16 Celebration model obviously more of a premium, especially manual AJ16 Celebration convertible manual (very rare).

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