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Thread: Tata made a loss of 10.49bn

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    Tata made a loss of 10.49bn

    " Tata made a loss of 10.49bn rupees (£11m) in the third quarter, compared with a profit of 24.83bn rupees in the same period last year "
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    JLR loss of £90m for the second quarter due to slump in China sales.
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    Sadly, JLR are getting thumped on all corners at the moment - they put a lot of investment into diesel, only to be betrayed by the UK government; in addition to that, there is a general downturn in sales of all cars at the moment, mostly due to confusion about fuels/energy sources, and partly due to Brexit fears - to cap it off, their reliability seems to have been on the slide, particularly the Range Rover products and that has cost them dearly (there was one case in Australia that has cost them a fortune, and could cost them more).

    It is purely anecdotal, but the reputation is that their customer service is pretty dire too, and this is one area that will affect a company more, and quicker, nowadays than it might have done in the past.

    If I could give one message to JLR - get that customer service back, treat all your customers as though they are really special, and don't fall into the trap of purely chasing a bottom line on a P&L whilst forgetting where your revenue comes from.

    They are not alone in suffering this way at the moment either - Ford is quietly going through hell, themselves having let things get shoddy; GM is just a ****** mess, hence the fire sale of Vauxhall and Opel to Peugeot; Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi joined forces to prop up each others balance sheets and cut costs (yay! now we can have mediocre with three different badges on it)..... oh, make that five when you add Dacia and Mercedes - - - Mercedes, what a fall from grace that has been, now selling re-badged Nissans, and managing to treat almost every customer with contempt.

    Yeah, come on JLR, don't fall into that pit!!
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    You may be correct in your surmise, but also a major contribution to the falling sales graph, is the high pricing of JLR range of vehicles, especially at the base level entry models. Imported SUVs are having a field day at JLRs expense. Many of these vehicles are offering extremely good specifications at very attractive prices. Yes the JLR name counts, but not the thousands of pounds difference JLR are expecting potential customers to pay. They need to wake up to these competitors and start offering better value for money.
    When I bought my S-Type in 2005 a base model with various upgraded extras, it was fairly competitive against many other makes, but the same cannot be said to day when looking at the XE,XF and E-Pace models.
    Also the Diesel excuse is a red herring, as their engine plant is also geared up to making petrol versions of the basically the same engine. A manual gearbox petrol would help sales in this sector also, Jaguar are ignoring this possibility to their cost.
    In many respects the difficulties JLR experiencing are of their own making, in failing to act quickly enough to a changing market place, and with a head in the sand attitude when it comes to pricing.
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    Living in a country with open access to almost all brands JLR really suffer by having no real spec . The xj and xf have less safety spec than a £15000 pound car.The low spec cars give the brand a bad name.

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