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Thread: Bluetooth, Reverse Cam and Digital TV?

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    Bluetooth, Reverse Cam and Digital TV?

    So, having recently purchased a 2004 XJ Super V8, I would like to make some upgrades to the in-car entertainment.

    I know there are threads on each of the following items, but I have not managed to find one the covers them all, in case there is overlap in the components required etc. Also a lot of the threads are now missing their pictures (thanks for breaking the Internet PhotoBucket)

    So the car has the full Nav system and rear entertainment with the headrest screens and controls in the armrests. It also has the original Jaguar phone in the front armrest which works (has a SIM and everything!). The car also has analogue TV.

    So, what I want to fit:
    • Bluetooth for telephone calls (not to interested in streaming music - have this facility in my other car but rarely use it - if it is included, great, if not, no biggie)
    • Reversing camera
    • Digital TV - presumably the nav in the dash and the rear screens could use it.

    Ideally I would like it all to work through the existing touchscreen/buttons, and not have remote controls. The reversing camera I want the screen to switch automatically when engaging reverse. Existing Jaguar phone I am happy to remove.

    I have looked at all the threads and there is so much information and so many different approaches that my head is spinning. What I don't want to do is go down one route for reversing camera, only to find out that "oh, doing it this way would give you the TV option as well" (for example)

    I also don't think I am brave enough for the screen upgrade and Android solution that I have seen talked about, unless someone can convince me that this is easier .

    If push comes to shove, reverse camera and Bluetooth phone are my priorities and I can do without the digital TV. Ultimately for that I am sure I could plug a tuner into one of the rear Aux In connections.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    With regards digital TV, this is what I did:
    UHF Converter:
    What I did was use a UHF converter and splice the aerial output to the TV amplifier at the rear window (X350)
    I then used an Xtrons FBDAB01 for the freeview connected to the RCA input of the converter.

    See my thread:

    Hopefully the links work ok

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