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Thread: Looking for a decent XF

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    Looking for a decent XF

    Nice to be back on the Forum ( Ex Xtype owner)

    I am currently looking for a new car and am considering an XF.
    My Budget is £8,000 and my dilemma is should I go for well maintained early one
    (200with over 160,000 on clock ( can be bought for £3-4K) or pay £6-8K for one with 90,000 Mls.
    How good are these cars generally (looking at 2.7D)? Are they generally good for 200,000 plus miles (if well maintained). I do about 8,000 per year. Are there any particular issues with the XF that should be checked before purchase?
    I am torn between XF, BMW 520d and Merc E or C class 220/250.
    Realistically what can you expect MPG. from these (I'm not a speed freak) just enjoy a leisurely cruise.
    I think that out of the above choices you seem to get more for your money with the Jags but no good if it is at the expense of reliability.
    Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.
    ****I HAVE JUST SPOTTED A 2.2 D IN MY PRICE RANGE WITH 122,00 ON IT - IS THIS REASONABLE? Is the 2.2 the same engine as the xtype 2.2 - I had the xtype 2.0d which was reliable (except for EGR cleaning) but was always noisy - injectors I think.
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    Hi. Don't know if this is of any interest, but I have just returned my XF to Jaguar Financial services, who will hand it over to 'Black Horse Auctions at the British Car Auctions site in Manchester. It is not on their website yet, but I think it will be in their auction next Friday 20th, so may be worth you taking a look.

    It is : a 2015 XF 2.2 Lt Diesel 14 1200 Turbocharged "Luxury" in Stratus Grey Metallic (it's actually a Black with a sparkle), Auto, Light Oyster Leather interior, and here is the real 'Kicker' it only has 6,793 miles on the clock!!!! (I only live here six months of each year, so it's hardly run in). No dents, no scratches, full Jag service record.

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