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Thread: Thinking of returning to Jaguar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper View Post
    Hi Karl.

    With a 2:2 auto you'll need to use a Low Ash C1 Oil for the engine because off the Diesel Particle Filter.

    The number for the Oil is Ford/Jaguar WSS M2C 934 B and is not mentioned in the handbook and members recommend to use genuine jaguar oil and fuel filters.

    Regards Tom.
    I meant to say that members only use 5:5 litres oil instead off 6 litres because if a Regeneration fails, diesel will enter the sump and push the oil level above the top level on the dipstick which can cause problems.And if diesel enters the sump the oil would need to be drained and refilled with new oil and oil filter.
    I've had my x type for nearly 6 years and never had any oil contamination, the rule is if you do a lot short journeys is to have a long journey every 3 or 4 weeks and diesels need to be driven and as some members say give it an Italian tune and a lot of members use premium diesel.There's plenty of information in the x type section on here about dpfilter and egr valve,it's said that it's better to replace the egr valve with a new one on the 2:2auto rather than cleaning the old one.
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    The s type diesel drivers with dpf recommend that you fill the oil up to the max line. This means that you can see straight away if there is diesel in the oil. Even a small percentage of diesel in the oil means that there is a risk of the engine being damaged.
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