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Thread: Park Brake Behavior ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farty View Post
    Ok not tried to apply the park brake on the move AFTER shifting to neutral.Will try when next out in the car.

    I assume my park brake switch works ok. Is it normal for the switch to be weighted to the down or off position? Ie it has to be held in the up position it does not click like a wall light switch If I apply it at traffic lights & I can see the park brake illuminated in red When I move off in drive I can here the park brake release.
    As I say I never gave it any thought that it is supposed to work as would a cable handbrake at any speed within reason.
    It should return to the neutral position when released, when you are lifting it up or pressing it down.
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    you can press it down to release the brake too! Need foot on brake though
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    Lifting it up to apply, Yes I am aware you can release the P/B pressing down on the P/B switch if it is already applied.
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    Where EPB is applied at speeds below 3 kph the parking brake will apply full force, at speeds of 3-32 kph, the EPB will apply for the length of time
    the switch is applied. Repeated pulls of the switch will increase the parking brake effort until full force is achieved. Above 32 kph the EPB will apply, then steps of 250 ms if the switch is held up. Pulling the switch once and releasing it will apply the parking brake for 500 ms, each
    subsequent pull up will increase by 250 ms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M-e-l-l-o-w View Post
    As far as I know the park brake will not apply when the car is moving unless it is in neutral and with no pressure on the throttle.
    You then have to hold the switch up to keep it on and there is a delay when it is applied.
    If still moving after the park brake is on if the car is put into drive, reverse, the throttle is pressed or the switch allowed to go down to its normal position the park brake will release.
    I have never tried this and I can see no reason for trying it.
    It should be noted that this is just a parking brake, it is intended to hold the car in place when it is stationary. It is not intended to stop the car when it is already moving, that is what the foot brake is for!

    There was a time when the hand brakes on cars was classed as the 'secondary brake' but these days all the car braking systems have at least two hydraulic circuits that satisfy this requirement. The hand brake is now just a parking brake. The parking brake only needs a 16% efficiency when both sides are added together, but both sides must work to some extent. A locked wheel is 100% efficient, the 16 % depends on the weight of the car.

    Is the right description! I don't have an EPB on my S type thank the lord... But my XJ350 does and it's the most labour intensive thing about the car... It's forever putting fault codes up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost it View Post
    Is the right description!
    No, it's not. As several have posted it's the emergency brake - and e.g. tested during MoT.

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