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Thread: Series 3 Autobox query and a silly tale

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    Series 3 Autobox query and a silly tale

    First the silly tale - I am currently the owner of a cracking XK8, having previously owned a Mk2 and a (Rotten) E Type, Series 3. It is with this background and a love of working on classic Jaguars that I agreed to help my mate (a complete novice) restore his imported '72 series 3. First thing - out with the V12 and automatic drivetrain. That was fun, in a perverse way. Gearbox separated and dispatched to the excellent Suffolk Auto Transmissions. Couldn't take the Torque converter off because the V12 would not turn by hand, not even with my 6'4", 16 stone frame plus large scaffolding pole. V12/Torque Converter sent off to professional for (expensive and lengthy) restoration. Now comes the silly part .... In the 7 months the (completely rust-seized) engine was away my mate LOST the notes detailing WHAT went WHERE. Never mind, I'm an experienced electronics technician with access to excellent manuals and wiring diagrams. However, I cannot find the wiring (or wires) for the TWO electrical connections on the body of the gearbox. I'm happy that the gearbox, RH front connection is for the internal, kick-down solenoid and needs a (green) connector going to the kick-down switch on the carburetor throttle post. But I cannot locate any information on what appears to be a small (pressure-type) transmitter situated at the RH rear side of the gearbox. What could it be?? It looks identical to the type of transmitter used for the engine oil pressure gauge. Has anyone any ideas?
    Also, while I'm on .... guess who also lost every small-bore vacuum pipe, and their routing. That is except for 6" of pipe connected to the distributor. I see what appears like vacuum outlets from the centre of all 4 inlet manifolds plus three outlets from the rear of the RH inlet branch. Any clues??
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    Something rattling around me noodle seems to remember the g/box switch is for the reversing light.
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