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Thread: Missing spellcheck

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    Missing spellcheck

    Hi all,

    I recently bought a new Dell Laptop, direct from Dell. I`m loathe to send it back after spending weeks installing all my stuff.

    Problem is, it never picks up wrongly spelt words like on here for instance. My Asus does. Could it be a corrupted version of Win 10 pre-installed? It`s set to English (UK) as default language. Spellcheck works fine on Word. I have my setting in 'Typing' set to auto correct and highlight misspelled words.

    It`s this one here if it helps
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    Spell-chekking is software-controlled and has nothing to do with the hardware. For example, you can set/configure how it works it in your browser, Word, etc.

    Have a look at the settings for your various software on your old laptop and use the same settings on your new one.

    However, there are two basic settings in Win10 Settings -> Typing -> Spelling (or search for spelling).

    Try turning them on first and see how you go. These are set to off in mine, but the various software still do spell checks are they are set to do so.
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