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Thread: Service Indicator

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    Service Indicator

    Problem – service due alert warning light coming on when service is not due according to mileage and date of last service.

    1st time this happened called into Stratstone at Houghton-le-Spring (date and mileage not recorded) Approx. late May Early June with approx. 16,000miles
    Service department looked at it straight away and reset the service indicator.

    2nd Booked into Stratstone Newcastle 15/08/18 mileage 18,772 miles
    On collecting told it had a software update, and had changed the engine oil and filter as recommend by Jaguar. (No charge was made for this work.)

    3rd Time Booked into Stratstone Newcastle 29/11/18 mileage 21,488 miles
    Informed that it required a oil and filter change which would be chargeable (£260.00 quoted) due to the high number of interrupted DPF regeneration attempts, caused by very low mileage journey’s made.

    I agree that the type of journeys I make are frequent and low mileage, as the Golf Club is only 1mile away, nearest town only 3miles away with busy roads, traffic lights, roundabouts, junction’s etc so average speed is low.
    On reading about DPF filters this type of driving is not recommend, and my driving habits need to change.

    I love this car and don’t want a change to Electric/Hybrid – or Petrol
    This is the second XJ/X351 Diesel I have owned 1st was 2010 model (Which displayed when it needed the DPF regenerated and loved to take out run which cleared the DPF warning.)

    Advice (Please.)
    The model I have has not indicated to me that DPF needs regenerating or it is in the process of automatically regenerating so I have no way of knowing when the DPF requires a regeneration thus causing a high soot load due to type of driving I do. Which in turn has triggered the service due warning light to come on due to the engine oil being diluted by the interruption of DPF regeneration attempts.

    I would of expected that DPF warning system to indicate that it required regenerating before it caused any dilution of the engine oil.

    Having said all that, I still love to drive this car and would be more than willing to take it out for run as suggested by the dealership.
    But need to be advised how often this should be done either by mileage or period of time.
    2017 XJR Sport Diesel

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    Put a recurring note in your diary, and drive to Glasgow to see Jim every Saturday. (Well, until he gets bored, then pick a different board member).
    Chris. T.
    2000 XK8 4.0 Coupe
    2010 XJ SWB 3.0D Portfolio. With TVs. Lots of TVs.

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    A diesel is unsuitable for you. And thats the end of it I'm afraid. You will be destroying the engine (and dpf).

    For such short journeys, you need a small petrol, or a milk float.
    2010 XJ Portfolio running on lorry fuel. I know, Jag Diesel is just wrong!

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    I have a Supersport for when i go out and a little rover 25 for potting 3 miles to work where the excessive speed bumps don't bother me.
    Jaguar XJ Supersport. Polaris white.

    • Don’t dream it. Drive it!

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