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Thread: Help! Snapped bolt from manifold to EGR valve

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    Help! Snapped bolt from manifold to EGR valve

    I just took out EGR valve (2007 diesel X-type) to clean it as been having some problems and indeed it was caked up but putting back I have snapped one of the bolts - the one on top linking EGR to manifold. Stupidly I tightened too much and it snapped. So definitely need new EGR valve as half of bolt in it but what about the bolt in the manifold? It looks integral to the manifold and the top half of the bolt won't come out. I saw somebody post from a few years back that he had to replace the entire manifold. Please tell me I have made such a ****-up.

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    the best way to remove a sheered bolt in a precision environment is with a left handed (ant clockwise) tap and the corresponding bolt.
    Just drill the hole, tap the thread, tighten the bolt for the thread and continue to turn as it bottoms out.

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