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Thread: which xf

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    which xf

    hi all,been looking at a jag xf but which model would you choose 11-15 or 15 on, personally prefer the 11-15 looks better quality what do you think

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    For me and on looks alone, the earlier model.

    IMO, just looks better.

    Plus you can have a Sportbrake or an XFR, not to mention numerous other engine choices.

    I like the XFR, keep looking at them every so often, then I see the rear seats and lack of leg room.

    I might not sit in the back, but every now and again a grandkid is allowed and as I prefer light leather, said grandkid could do some damage.

    Enjoy the hunt and good luck.
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    Is the XFR shorter in the back than the XF? Had grandchildren in the back of my Ivory leather XFs from age 3 for 5 years, no damage yet.
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    I prefer the 2011-2015 model, I think my 64 plate 3.0d R-Sport is probably one of the last of that model made. The later models have that nasty hood opening line across the top and the interior doesn't feel as good quality. Just my 2 cents though and of course I could be a bit bias
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    If you're going on looks it's entirely subjective. I had a late XF for a w/e test drive & it seemed OK, but was only a w/e.

    The later generation have a lot of aluminium in their construction I believe, so are less susceptible to rust issues.

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