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Thread: Auto lights staying on and cd multi change

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    Auto lights staying on and cd multi change

    Hi peps could do with some help on some small bits please one of them being the auto lights always stay on when switched on in normal daylight and will not auto turn off they were working fine in the summer so could it be because it's winter and it's a little darker in the day I don't know the other issue is I have a cd multi change in the boot that was working perfectly before the stereo played up and I replaced it since then the new original replacement stereo works fine but now the multi change is not working dose it need to be programed to the stereo as when I press the cdc button nothing happens but the multi change works in the boot I. E it powers up ok and ejects the cds ok
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    The default on the automatic lights is that in the event of a system failure the lights will stay "on" once the switch is activated, regardless of external lighting conditions. The usual culprit is a failed daylight sensor, which is located within the PATS indicator dome in the center of the demister panel on the top of the dash.

    The part itself is not terribly expensive ($40 US, or so), but the demister panel has to be detached from the dash in order to swap the sensor; these panels become quite fragile, break easily, are no longer available from Jaguar and are scarce as hens teeth in the used parts market. Proceed with caution...

    I suspect that your CD changer either needs to be programmed, or the fiber-optic cable was not properly connected when your head unit was swapped out. Perhaps one of our audio experts can chime in on this issue.
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    I seem to recall the "hidden menu" needs to be accessed to "tell" the head unit that there's a CD unit in the string?

    If it's got the same system as the X type had from new anyway. If you go onto the X type forum and type in "Hidden Menu" on the search bar there are quite a few threads that might give you a lead. Depends which head unit you installed? My auto lights tend to stay on all day this weather, if it's over cast they are always on. So might well be the genral gloom.
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