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Thread: Click from console when braking

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    Click from console when braking

    I've had my 2012 XF 2.2 for a couple of months now, and I've started noticing that when pressing/releasing brake pedal after coming to a stop, there's a click from centre console. It sounds like it's from under the selector or parking-brake button or something like that.

    I did a quick search on here and found some related posts but relating to models other than the XF, but I wondered if others had experienced this and:

    a) Is it a fairly common thing that a Jag indy would be familiar with?
    b) If anyone has a rough idea of how much it costs to get fixed
    c) Is it the beginning of bigger issues?

    The car shows no other issues whatsoever with brakes, gear selector, parking brake, everything works perfectly apart from this click when coming to a stop (or releasing brake when pulling away, I can't remember which way around it is right now).

    Any advice appreciated.
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    That will be the solenoid that locks the selector while stationary so that you have to apply the brake to put the car into drive . They do get a bit louder as they age . If you gently hold the selector and press the brake pedal you will feel the solenoid working. My XF has done about 90 k and the click is not loud or annoying but i know its there . You tend to notice these little irritating noises more as you get to know the car ,
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