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Thread: Curious gooey coolant.

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    I missed this Saga somehow, but I am sorry to hear of your troubles. But it sounds like you have turned a corner and will be enjoying XJ ownership again soon!

    Thanks for posting the update so others can learn if they have similar experiences!
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    Great news Phil to hear you and the Hornets impending return to the the prowl

    As for missing an inanimate object, that is a malady that only those of us suffering the affliction that is NQR, succumb to.

    I'd not have it any other way.

    On another thought, any additions to the overall greeness of the Hornet? more LED's perhaps?


    How's the headlining holding out? Mines still stuck

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    Headlining is just peachy Rich, it's actually even better than the leather cloth trick I did for the X308.

    No update on the lighting, but other than under the bonnet, I don't need any additional lighting.

    To be fair, other than attempting the same job on my sills that you've just completed, I don't know what else needs doing.

    Too good to be true? Mummy, I'm scared 🙄.


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    Take your time Phil, don’t be too heavy handed with it, have a go and don’t be a big girls blouse. You may just surprise yourself.
    2012 XKR Black pack, Speed Pack, Aero pack, Rat pack. Past:-87'XJS 3.6L, 93'XJ40 3.2L gold, 95'XJ6 4.0L sport, 00'XJ8 3.2L sport, 2005 XK8 4.2L coupe, 2009 XK 5.0L Portfolio in that order and enjoyed all of 'em.

    I do not offer advice, I only say what I would do with the set of circumstances presented. Your choice always.

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