On Jaguar X Type 2009 2.2d Executive BVA DPF

Having a engine warning light and sometimes gearbox fault message 2 months, I flashed the TCM with mongoose clone, i ve been going for a ride to test if gearbox fault would appear but it was all good ( in Sport mode also)

I still had some strange feeling : like speed would downgrade with delay, power was missing past 3000rpm

Then i wanted to reprogram the generic module ...

it asked to remove ABS fuse then stability module fuse, what i did , then module programming failed midway

On my dashboard, i see consumption ( in french) module error , ABS warning light, stability fault, now car wont start

I messed up cause battery voltage was 12.5 in ignition II, engine off ( and maybe other factor like mongoose clone, no VCM ...)

I charged battery all night , now its at 13.5v ignition off but when i go in ignition II , then engine cooler goes max speed and i still have 12.5v

Im using a chinese power supply of 50A,i will try to see if i can turn off engine cooler but maybe i have power drain somewhere...

I performed an ECU reset, by touching - and + but problem is still same

I knew i had some electronic mess, i wanted to bring it to a tech this week ... but now car dont even start

I tried to reconfigure ABS module but i have problem of communication now ...

Is there a way to make ECU return to where it was ?

Thanks for any help anyone would bring me