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Thread: iCarsoft i930 capabilities. Help required.

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    iCarsoft i930 capabilities. Help required.

    Good, well freezing actually, morning.

    2007 XKR.

    The Central High Mounted Stop Lamp is not working despite having 12v in the supply wires (stuck a pin in them and used a multimeter to check).
    I read on another forum that a hard reset could bring it back to life, but before I try that, I have just acquired an iCarsoft Scanner and wondered if I can reset the Auxiliary Junction Box that powers the CHMSL.

    Will the iCarsoft reset the gearbox adaptations? I am assuming the car has been driven very gently by previous owners due to the poor state of the brake discs!

    I am a bit scared to plug in the iCarsoft and just have a look around in case I **** something up!

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. The Icarsoft software has just been updated.
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    Hi stagnite,
    The icarsoft will not allow to reset the gearbox adaptation you will need the Jaguar software.

    I don't know about the other question but you can have a look with the icarsoft because it will read any fault codes that you have. You don't have the possibility to reprogram rather delete codes but write them down before you do so.
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