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Thread: In Control Pro update

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    In Control Pro update

    I have now managed to get the update installed at the third attempt, the first two failed to install
    There appears to be an option on the voice navigation to request a postcode input but I cannot get it to work
    I have tried using the Alpha / Bravo / Charlie alphabet but it does not respond to anything.
    Can anyone make it work ?

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    Not me. It responds to ‘Navigate home’.

    If I try any other place name or postcode the best I get is a list to choose from. Occasionally the name I want is in the list.

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    Following the original post I had a play with this and had mixed results. I concluded that the system understands certain letters better than others. It seemed to work fine with a Birmingham 'B' postcode producing a list of which the 2nd entry was the correct one. It seemed to have stumbled when it got to the 'H' in the postcode. Maybe I don't enunciate properly. Using town and street names seemed to work well, usually producing a very short list of options which contained the right result. I also played with POIs and got very poor results. Maybe some of our local attractions aren't in the database so it was an unfair test. Is it worth the effort? As PScott543 says, it's alright if you are going home.
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    I just use the route planner app, send the route to the car and its ready to select when I’ve started it.
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