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Thread: 1985 Jaguar Xj6 sovereign suspension

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    Smile 1985 Jaguar Xj6 sovereign suspension

    Hi my name is Paul, Born in Bredbury came out to Australia when I was only 2 yo..

    I am hoping to receive some advice with regard to suspension on our 1985 Xj6 series 3 sovereign.

    We bought "Bessie" in December 2005 and even at that time I knew the back end was very very firm as I had driven other cars of the same make and year but she was a very nice example hence we had to have her.

    The back end and front to now have become worse and the rear end is like that of a Mini Minor ( I had a 1964 Mini when younger) over bumps and any road surface and the ride has become somewhat rickety spoiling the car, I know she would beifit from new door rubbers and a windscreen too but the worse thing is the ride.

    Living here in Victoria Australia I do have a good independent mechanic although he is trustworthy he does tend to be a little near enough is good enough with some things, for instance he wants to put a set of XJS springs and shockers on bessie's rear end...I want to put the original or the exact equivalent of what she had when she was made.

    Hence I'm hoping some one here can tell me exactly what was on the car front and rear or what equates to that which is available to purchase.

    Yes I am fussy as Bessie is all original not modified in any way and she starts first time and has never let us down on the side of the road since we bought her. Car has done 241,000 Km ( 150,000 miles) and will need the head done .

    Now the other major issue is the Fuel spoils the car as it whines really bad and causes much trouble...I have had three of them they are Bosch and I hate them!

    Is there a better fuel pump for these cars, I run her on Premium 98 octane or use unleaded 93 octain and add a booster, I have had some very dirty fuel as where I live is Rural and the petrol stations tend to let their pumps get low and you have dirt in the fuel.

    That aside the fuel pump is as loud as the engine ...drives me mad that and the ride which is nothing like Bessie should be.

    I believe some previous owner has changed the suspension and put hard springs / shocks on.

    A few years ago my Mechanic put new Boge shockers which made no difference to ride quality so I'm thinking the sprongs have gone hard or just the wrong type..

    If anyone can inform me as to the correct type / make of springs and shockers for these cars I would be very in Australia there are quite a few jaguar places but they are putting all sorts of parts on cars and as I say I want what was originally on her.

    If someone can inform me how to add photos here I could show you Bessie and give you an idea of why I'm so fussy, Cheers Paul.

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    HI Paul,

    Welcome to the forum !
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