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Thread: Radiator fans not starting up.

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    Radiator fans not starting up.

    Hi all. I am hoping someone can help. Having just replaced the AC Condensor. Thermostat tower. thermostat, ac compressor, drier and coolant temperature sensor on my 1998 XK8 I am now finding that the radiator fans do not come on. When the engine is running the top hose,the radiator and the thermostat tower gets very hot. The top hose gets pressurised then when the thermostat opens the fans do not start up. I know I cannot rely on the temperature gauge in the car but I am wondering if the Aircon system has to be charged and switched on for the fans to work? I haven't had the AC recharged yet as that is my next job. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I also had to replace the temperature sensor with the one I took off as with the new sensor in the temp gauge did not work. (I bought the sensor of fleabay) we learn by our mistakes eh!!.
    Last edited by PeterAnderton; 26-02-19 at 17:55. Reason: Solved the problem. I think it must have been an airlock in the system. The fans came on after ticking over for 45 min

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    This is a reply I received a few years ago when I had the same problem. It turned out to be fuses F12 and F14.

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks for that! There are two main fuses for your fans, both in the Main Engine Compartment Fuse Box, on the near side - F12 and F14, both of 30A capacity. There is also a control system fuse, F10, 5A in the Engine Management Fuse Box, in the near side bulkhead enclosure (Opposite to brake booster enclosure). This control fuse also protects many other systems, so you'd have seen other problems if it had blown I think!
    There are then the three relays in the Radiator Fan Control Relay Module; these are switched on and off by the Engine Control Module and operate the fans slowly by connecting them in series or fast by putting them in parallel. As I have a later car, I can't check to see if these relays are changeable in the module or if it's a sealed unit - others might help here, but the module is located just forward of the Main Engine Compartment Fuse Box.
    1997 4.0 XK8 Convertible

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