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Thread: Morgan to be bought by Italians

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    Morgan to be bought by Italians

    An Italian investment fund is about to purchase a majority controlling stake in Morgan, one of the oldest British car companies still in existence.
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    Brings to mind the old "built by robots, driven by Italians" advert (from Not The Nine O' Clock News), for some reason!.
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    I can see this ending badly. Most "investment" funds want a quick buck and out. The way it works is - take a big stake, (or all), by paying off shareholders with borrowed money. Pile in yet more debt and pay yourself huge salaries and dividends from that money. Get out using a public share offer. Company then collapses soon after under the massive debt burden.
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    I did a factory tour and test drive a few years ago. Couldn’t believe how ‘crude’ the manufacturing process was, but if you want a car made in the old fashioned way...

    The test drive was in an aero 8, absolute hoot to drive but totally impractical. E.g wooden doors, exhaust just below my right elbow. But a bmw 4.7 v8 made it go like stink, with rock hard suspension....

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    And it will only have one gear..............reverse.

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