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First thing I would do if you suspect its seized is remove at least one or two spark plugs, perhaps even the whole lot so you do not have to fight compression, then try turning the car over by hand to see if the pistons are going up and down. Spanner or socket on crankshaft. You could always put something long down the plug hole and see if it moves at all as your turn the crank. In theory it should move up then down. That way you do not need anyone to peek down the hole as you work. Make sure its something long though so it wont disappear down there, with your luck etc

If it is seized, check this first before you do it, fill all the cylinders with engine oil and let it sit for a few days then try turning the crank shaft again. You may need a longer bar on the nut for leverage to force it to move, this is after soaking and confirming it is seized. Otherwise its either a rebuild or a new engine. So so sorry.

If you go down the engine oil route eventually then buy yourself an electric oil pump. Save you messing about filling then emptying the cylinders. They around £10 on ebay. Worth it.
HI frankc, I already took out all the spark plugs. It is seized, the question is if I can get it free again. As best I can guess, adding the oil in either created a vacum and caused something to stick, or, something in there has snapped and is stopping it turning. I'm hoping, that as it happened on a crank, not when the engine was hot that nothing is actually cooked, and it can therefore be fixed. I've read about the oil idea, but to be honest, I just dont see how that could work. If a cylinder is stuck, the oil isnt going to penetrate. So here is my plan.
1 - stick a load of penetrating fluid in the spark plug hole. If something is stuck, it may free it just enough.
2- release the serpentine belt to take as much pressure of the crank shaft as possible
3 - try a hand turn
4 - try a key turn
5- decide if I want to spend £ on a garage stripping the engine on the chance its a solvable problem
6 - listen to other ideas.