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Thread: 2006 XJ Bumper painting.

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    2006 XJ Bumper painting.

    Just picked up a XJ sport but the bumpers really need painting. I have used Chips away in the past and there are a few local body shops I can try has anyone had this job done and if so what sort of cost was it

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    had a price from Chips Away for £650 full front bumper touch up rear and bottom of one door. Think that's a bit steep so I wll try a few local body shops next

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    just had a quote of £325 for the same work and its going in on Monday.I have used them before on an MG and they were fine fingers crossed

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    dropped the Car off this morning so fingers crossed its ok when I pick it up tomorrow lunchtime

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    turned out quite well two bumpers, door repair, front near side wing repair and paint . So if anyone needs paintwork or body work doing I can recommend them.

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