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Thread: 2.7 Diesel - poo! Hard to start, lumpy idle....

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    Then the next best thing to do is bung in the 2x tankfuls with RedEx.

    One whole bottle per tankful, double strength.

    It's cleaned my injectors every time.

    I've tried STP, Wynne's, and several others but they didn't work.

    BG44-K made a difference to my Merc but I still had to put in RedEx to complete the clean and get smooth running.


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    Righto chaps, update; - i have ordered the Archoil jollop and should have it delivered on Saturday, in the meantime, I am turning on the ignition and leaving it for 10-15 seconds before cranking the engine, and guess what? Damn thing starts and runs fine, no mis-fire, no lumpy idle, nuffink!
    Yet another Jaguar conundrum - still fabulous cars though........

    Time flies like an arrow,
    Fruit flies like a banana....

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