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Thread: Happy Easter

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    Happy Easter

    So here we are again, and I wish everybody, but everybody, a Very Happy Easter.

    Here in Cyprus it's next weekend and will be marked by barbecues in every house after the long traditional fast of no meat or no dairy or animal products.

    Old folk still fast for the full 50 days, younger people usually fast for the last 14 or 7 days before taking communion. After all, I guess old folk have sinned more?

    There will be literally plumes of smoke from every garden and every restaurant lays it on too.

    And the beer will flow!

    Tell us of your weekend passtime. To pass the time!


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    Happy Easter Jim. I for one won't be doing anything. Car running sweet, needs a clean but that can wait.
    All the family doing their own thing so just going to be a miserable git for a couple of days.
    Age has a lot to do with it of course.

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    Hi Jim, Roger et al!

    Enjoying glorious weather here but haven't yet managed to get anywhere near the Jag

    I've been busy replacing the rear subframe mounts and stabiliser bar bushes on the wife's Mini (yesterday and this morning, and I'm now almost finished replacing the heater control valve and hose from there to the heater on my Triumph GT6. The latter being a right royal P in the A! (anyone that's had a GT6 with a brake servo will be all too aware of how that hose is routed!).

    Jag clean and hoover (other vacuum appliances are available! ) tomorrow if the weather holds.

    Happy Easter everyone.

    P.S. Sink a Keo for me (well actually an Anglias and Coke, but you know what I mean)

    2017 XE Portfolio 180PS AWD in Santorini Black with climate pack (I don't scrape!) panoramic roof, privacy glass and 19" style 1015 wheels (that I'd happily swap for a nice set of 18" 5 spokes. Anyone?)

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    Slow barbecuing a rosemary & garlic shoulder of lamb with baked potatoes garlic mushrooms and salad (smell is amazing )
    Kids will be here soon to demolish it all and if they have room I have made a lemon meringue pie for afters
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    " It is a longstanding tradition in Cyprus to have entire neighborhood’s of young boys scour the town for scraps of wood to use in a communal bonfire.

    The neighborhood with the largest fire at the end of the day gets Easter bragging rights for the rest of the year.

    Did we mention there is also a very limited supply of scrap wood to share among the teenage boys?

    It isn’t uncommon for the police to be called in to break up fights over wood scraps or to help put out out-of-control bonfires, but at least it is in the name of Easter "
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    Happy Easter to you too Jim... and to all of the forum members so inclined.
    2003 S-Type 3.0, Zircon with the "Premium Package"...

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    Happy Easter Jim

    I've been busy on the Jag this weekend, which I have just posted on the Forum And now I'm looking at the mountain of tidying up and putting away that seems to have just appeared from nowhere Might leave that 'til tomorrow. Or next weekend, even...
    2006 XK Convertible, 4.2, Indigo Blue with Ivory/Slate Blue, 20" Sentas, chrome grilles & gills, XK60-type body kit & exhaust tails.
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    yesterday I was trimming my Mother in Laws bush it had got out of hand and then sorted her garden out. SO brownie points in hand I was back on the boat today getting her ready for the end of the month. This afternoon a couple of beers and watch the football.

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    Happy Easter Jim

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    'er indoors has spent most of Easter Sunday at A@E,after being punched in the face by a resident at the care home she works nights at...
    Some damage to the retina on 'er right eye,but they say it 'should' heal given time....

    As it's a holiday weekend,'er management staff have shown little interest other than asking for written statements from all staff on duty.

    On the plus side,she is still chirpy and swearing at me when I walk the garden into the kitchen after planting four pea seedlings and a row of carrot seeds.

    at least,this week,I have not broken a vehicle abroad...just had to have a new exhaust on 'er Micra!

    2000 S Type manual(now sold and replaced with a Transit Connect that ate it's engine in Spain and replaced with another Connect known as the Micro Stealth Camper) BMW E30 cabbie in the very rare neon green colour and a Nissan Micra for 'er indoors!

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