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Thread: Should I, shouldn't I?

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    Should I, shouldn't I?

    My XJ
    So I have a 2012 XJ L portfolio, which I spent close too a thousand pounds on last week having a new engine manifold. It's done 104,000 and up until last week had never missed a beat. I now have the chance to add 3k and get a XF r-sport 2016 with 40k, it's only £30 per year to tax better on fuel and lots less miles on the clock and whilst i'm tempted it's still a downgrade. Really in 2 minds on this and over the past 4 days I've thought of nothing else. I'm still no nearer to a dissision.

    What would you Do? Really need some help here.
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    We can all suggest lots of things, you need to decide on what you will use the vehicle for. For me, I would be looking at what difference (if any) will the engine make, what space is needed, how far are you going to travel on your journeys, what features/options do I want/need. There are a number of folk who say the X260 is a step down in all areas, and would move to the XJ in preference to a newer XF. Hope this helps.
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    What engine is in the XJ ? If you can find one, (they're rather rare), an XJ with the 3 litre V6 SC engine would suit, I would think. However, if you're struggling to pay the VED on your current XJ, maybe the XF would be better. My old XJ was £540 a year VED, current 2017 XE £480. If somebody told you they couldn't afford £10 a weelk on VED what would you tell them? Surely you can afford it ?
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    I presume the XF R-Sport you are considering is the 2.0 diesel ?

    If so, you will miss the power delivery and smoothness of your XJ.

    The interior quality (or lack thereof) on the XF compared to the XJ would also persuade me to keep the XJ !
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    Comes down to your driving pattern and style. If you do a lot of A & B roads and enjoy it then the XF, if it's mainly A to B on motorways then the XJ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oscarsmate View Post
    Comes down to your driving pattern and style. If you do a lot of A & B roads and enjoy it then the XF, if it's mainly A to B on motorways then the XJ.
    I'm not sure that I agree with this: X351s are really fun on twisty roads!

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    I had that decision sort of with my XFS (10 plate) but then decided to keep it, as I didn’t like the new XF. Having replaced the manifold it seemed silly to get rid of it. I looked at XJs but I needed a tow bar. I ended up buying a rr Vog as a second car. Now the XF is likely to go, and I am eyeing up an low mileage XK as my summer car when I don’t have the kids on baord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_doctor View Post
    I'm not sure that I agree with this: X351s are really fun on twisty roads!
    As is my older XJ X350 LWB, beggars belief sometimes and I'm no wannabe racing driver.

    There has been the odd time where I wished it had flappy paddles rather than the J Gate.

    As for changing the car, the OP is the only one who can make that decision and one I'm glad I don't have to make.

    I like smaller cars, especially those with performance, but I've allus got fed up with them quickly, why?

    I came to realise I prefer bigger cars and the space and comfort they usually provide.

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